Making a Move – part 3 of From Weird Smart Chic to Entrepreneur

Part 3: From Weird Smart Chic to Entrepreneur – Making a Move

In part 2 of this series I talked about the time I spent in the CVS(metaphor). It may sound like I was hating life – but, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

Oh, and if that sentence made no sense to you – go back and read the first two installments of this story! Part 1  Part 2

As I write this I sit on my deck overlooking a marina on a lake in South Carolina.  I also own another home in the mountains of North Carolina.  I have everything I need and a whole lot of what I want.  My job that became my career that became my business afforded me that.  I have traveled a lot and been on some fabulous vacations and have seen most of the US.  I have also learned tons of skills I would never have learned and met fabulous people who have become important pieces of my life.  My business partner Sheri is one of those people.

So hanging out in the CVS(metaphor for the career and life I had created by following opportunity) has been good to me.  I have no complaints about that.

But there came a day when I realized the CVS wasn’t the right place for me anymore.  I needed to find that career where my passions and my skills met.  My passion for my business was waning.  I was outgrowing the CVS.

Maybe that is where you are.  Your job or business is good.  You’ve grown and maybe you hold responsibility or titles or prestige that seem important to you.  Maybe you make a great income and your family has come to rely on that.  But just maybe you are starting to realize that the passion, the excitement, the drive is just not there anymore.

Maybe you hate your job or career.  Maybe your business creates such stress that you secretly wish you could walk away.  Maybe you want a new life, but you don’t know how.  Maybe you think you are not young enough, not skilled enough, not deserving, not good enough, not connected enough.   The “nots” in your rope are choking you.

I can relate.  I’ve been all over the map with my business: love, hate, anger, discouragement.

Since I am an entrepreneur, my immediate answer was to start a new business.   I did that a few times. What I learned from these endeavors was that I was just creating another job for myself.  I had not factored in what I was passionate about, I only considered what I could do.  I learned how important marrying passion with skills is if you want to create the career you love.  The career that will feed your soul as well as your purse. A fabulous purse, of course!

Then several conversations (and glasses of wine) later with Sheri, Way Beyond Ordinary became a reality for me.

At 55 I started to marry my passions with my skills to create a business.  Bonus:  I got a partner who shares a lot of my passions and we complement each other in skills.

We are passionate about helping women like us, maybe that is you, find their niche.  We are passionate about helping you map out your journey from the CVS to that nice, new, modern grocery store down the street.

We also have the skills to do that.

If you are ready, within the next 6 weeks we will be hosting a free live webinar to help you plan your move. Watch for announcements coming soon for that. In the meantime, you can get started exploring the possibilities right now.

We have created a tool that will help you.  It’s this amazing thing called the Beyond model.  It’s a free flipbook you can download and work through.  It’s fun and will help you pinpoint what you’d like to do from here.

Just click the image below to download it.  Best of all, it’s free!

I dare you to do it – Go Beyond!