I’m Too Old For This Shit

I don’t know about you, but if you are like me you’ve uttered these words a time or two.

“I’m too old for this shit”.

I found them tumbling out of my mouth when I completed my first marathon at 40 years old.  They showed up again when I did a tough mudder at 50 years old and I must have said them hundreds of times when I was training for and completed the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim at 55 years old.   That doesn’t even cover the day to day obstacles that make me whisper it under my breath.

Of course I wasn’t too old for any of that shit – I did it all.  Not without pain, not without fear or apprehension but with dogged determination to make my body do what I did not think it could do.

I have learned that being old or tired or poor or busy is really just an excuse.  It’s a conversation that fear uses to talk us out of our dreams.  For women, it seems age is an excuse we use a lot.

Consider the Iron nun, Sister Madonna Buder.  She is 86 years old and does Ironman triathlons.


Talk about physically challenging.  Wow.  What’s more amazing is that she didn’t start competing until she was well in her 50’s.  Let me say that again – She didn’t start until she was in her mid-fifties.  Who does that shit?

I wonder if she said to herself on her first training day “I’m too old for this shit”.  I think she did, but she kept running.  Sister Buder says that the only failure is not to try.  What if she didn’t take her own advice and had not tried?  Well, she would never have completed a race, much less a triathlon, and she wouldn’t have caught the attention of Nike, who featured her in one of their commercials and she would not have written a book “The Grace to Run” and I wouldn’t be writing about her and many of you would not have seen her on your Facebook feed.   Whew, that a lot of not-happenings.

No one would have blamed her, you know.  If a 56-year-old woman said to me – I think I’m too old to finish a triathlon. Well, I might would agree.  But the important thing is that Sister Buder did not agree.  In fact, she pushed that conversation aside and did it anyway.

So much inspiration for so many people has been created because she did not give into the conversation of age.  She didn’t think herself too old.  Because quite simply – she wasn’t.  Sister Buder probably started racing for personal reasons, but she accomplished so much more.

It’s just totally amazing what people can and do accomplish when they let go of fearful conversations.

You are never too old.  That’s just a few words strung together.  Reduced to words, they don’t seem so scary. that’s all they are really; words that put you in a box.

So, how about this.  Let’s change the conversation.

Repeat after me: “What is age anyway but a number?  I’m wise and experienced, traits that will help me achieve what I want.”

How about we use those words instead.

I dare you; change the way you think, do great things.


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