From Weird Smart Chic to Entrepreneur

My (Tammy) story –  Part I

Has this ever happened to you?

You get in your car with the intention of going to one place, the grocery store perhaps, but the corner CVS is on the way and they have what you need and you are short on time – so you talk yourself into stopping there instead; grabbing the needed items only, because the rest can wait.

I sort of did that with my life.

You see, I was on the way to one career when out of necessity I took a job that eventually led me to another career and a different life than the one I imagined when I graduated from college.

As a result, I found myself at 55 years old owning a business that was awesome and had afforded me a great life.  Yet, there was something missing.   I wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be, though I had everything I needed to have.  My dreams were of something different and I wanted to see where they would take me.

I offer you my story, I hope that it will resonate with you.

When I was young, people would tell me how smart I was. What I know now is that the way learning is presented in schools is the best way for me to learn and I would ace any test you gave me.  Most people don’t learn best in this way (that’s a whole other blog) but I did.  So I got the label of “smart chic”.

I was also pretty introverted.  People scared me a little bit and I liked keeping to myself.  I read a lot, wrote a lot and had few friends.  So, I got the label of “smart weird chic”.

Of course a smart weird chic would go to college and certainly she would major in a subject that was not commonly known, like business or education, and had a big fancy word in it.  So, I went to the only college (at that time) in the country that offered a degree in Fiduciary (big fancy word for trust) Management.  Of course I aced all the tests and graduated in the top 10% of my class, fulfilling my smart weird chic requirements.

Then I went out into the real world, where getting a real job is not about passing a test.  You know where I’m going with this.  My fancy college degree got me nothing, no job.  I did get a bartending gig for a bit.  Not a great job fit for me.

But, a set of circumstances that I will reveal in part two brought me to my career and eventually to a business that I now own.

So, if you are in the CVS parking lot about to go in and get what you need, but not what you want – I encourage you to think about what your life could be if you took a different route.  What If you started your car back up, invested the time and went to the grocery store instead?

It’s never too late.  I did it at 55 years old.

Here’s a tool that will help you.  We have created this amazing thing called the Beyond model.  It’s a free flipbook you can download and work through.  It’s fun and will help you pinpoint what you’d like to do from here.

Just click the image here and download.

Best of all, it’s free!

I dare you to do it – Go Beyond!