From Weird Smart Chic to Entrepreneur – Part 2 (It’s Never Too Late)

It’s never too late.  I did it at 55 years old.

That’s where I left off in part 1 of From Weird Smart Chic to Entrepreneur

So, if you didn’t read that one yet, go catch up and come back!

After my fancy college degree failed to yield me the big city job in the high rise office building that I imagined, I went on a date.   I went on a date with a dude who thought he was all that.  You know the type – super macho, good looking, thinks a little too much of himself.  This dude worked in a Nuclear power plant and he made tons of cash.  Once he said to me “you could never do what I do”.

Really? Can you say gauntlet?   I went the next day and got a job at the Nuclear power plant and dropped the dude.

That job was the stepping stone to my career in a broad roundabout way.  Soon after working there I met another dude and went on another date.  However, I married this one and he was a plumber.

We moved to South Carolina where he got a job at a local plumbing company.  I got a job at the Nuclear power plant there, still looking and hoping for that Fiduciary Management job.  Then, the thing happened that started me on the path to my career – my job ended.  I got laid off from the Nuclear Power Plant.

My husband said “Hey, why don’t you ride on my truck with me, you could help me fill out my invoices and help me keep my truck in order”.  Having nothing better to do I said yes.  Plus, I was newly married and the idea of spending all day and working with my new hubby was appealing (young love).  Together we were a hit.  Customers loved us and we got requested often.  The owner of the company liked me and we became fast friends.

Eventually, she hired me to work in the office.  I became the night time, part time dispatcher for the company.  I answered the phone, took customers’ calls and moved plumbers from house to house.  It was a busy job and I liked the people I worked with.  And remember I was a smart chic so soon I was promoted and before you know it, I was no longer looking for that Fiduciary Management job.  I had settled into a career.

I learned everything about the industry.  Years passed and I became entrenched in the business as I took on more responsibility and got promoted.  The business grew and changed and one day the owner decided to retire and the opportunity to buy it came to me.

I started that job 30 years ago.  I stayed in the CVS pharmacy (see Part 1 for this reference) for 29 years.

I bet there are some of you reading this and nodding your head, you can relate because it happened to you too.  You took a job that took over your life and now you find yourself entrenched.  Maybe it is a great job with great pay.  But you don’t jump out of bed on Monday ready for the week to begin.  Maybe you spend the week waiting for Friday.  Maybe you spend each month waiting for the next holiday or vacation.  Maybe you spend each year waiting for the day you can retire.  That was my life.

In part three I’ll tell you about my journey from Business owner to where I am today.

In the meantime, if you feel like there is a better path for you and you want to explore that – we have created a tool that will help you.  It’s this amazing thing called the Beyond model.  It’s a free flipbook you can download and work through.  It’s fun and will help you pinpoint what you’d like to do from here.

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I dare you to do it – Go Beyond!