Sheri Bennefeld, Founder

I would watch and listen to women who were miserable in their jobs and felt empty inside because they were doing nothing to feed their own soul. They were afraid to follow their dreams, and some didn’t even know what their dream was any more. That really hit me…I needed to do something to help them find the life they deserve to live.

Sheri Bennefeld, Founder


When you work with us you will:

  •     Know how to create your ideal life through business.
  •     Know what steps you need to take.
  •     Know how to take them.
  •     Know how and who to get help and support from.


Over a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio, my friend looked at me and said, “Everyone creates their own story”.  I thought about the truth of that statement and reflected back on how I had created my own story.  How, when I didn’t like the story anymore. I realized I could change it again.  That’s how I came to Way Beyond Ordinary, out of a desire to change my story.  I had  taken a job when I was young,  stayed in the position because I was comfortable there and it afforded me a good income.  Now I own that company and had been there for over half of my life.  It was time to reinvent me.  I was no longer working inside my passion.

I have founded 3 businesses since that job - a retail store, a call center and now Way Beyond Ordinary. I've learned that the only thing that keeps me from creating my on-purpose life is me. My thinking. So, i took risks, made a lot of mistakes and learned tons along the way. Today I get to work with my long-time friend Sheri doing what i love, helping other women, training, traveling and creating fun adventurous space in my life.

I am grateful that I knew I could change my story and I want to help you discover what your story will be.  My strengths are around business management, business financials and numbers.  I have built several businesses and I currently continue to own and lead a multi-million dollar service business.  I am a master trainer and have extensive experience building content and have trained thousands of people.  I am excited to be paired up with my long-time friend Sheri to watch you Go Beyond!


While interviewing for my last job I was asked the question: Where do you see yourself in five years? Instead of wracking my brain for the perfect answer, I got real honest and replied, “I have no idea, it depends what opportunities present themselves.” Being an opportunist has served me well. I spent the first part of my career in corporate training and development roles, and later expanded into the world of associations where I built educational programs for entrepreneurs to help them grow their business through marketing, sales and leadership education. One of the greatest blessings to come from that role was meeting my great friend and partner Tammy when I hired her as a trainer for the organization.

Throughout my entire career there is one common theme - the need to truly make a difference in the lives of the people I serve. What I learned very early on Is that making a difference is an inside job. You get to decide everyday the value you want to bring to others. I had created a career that I absolutely loved. I bounced out of bed every morning excited to go to work - REALLY. Then one day I realized that it was time for more. I had done what I came there to do and it was time to now create a new life and this time do it ON PURPOSE! So I left a job I loved, working with people I loved, to build my dream.

I’m a trained life coach, marketing strategist, creative visionary and accomplished business manager and I’m here to help you see what’s really possible for your life and guide you in creating it.

Way Beyond Ordinary is such a valuable resource for anyone with a message of change for our world! Sheri and I worked together to hone my message and structure my business. I couldn't have done it without her. Now I'm a regular on a major radio station and working on my own TV show!

Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones The Millionaire Medium

A few years ago I made some decisions that didn’t work well for me. I was literally living out of my car with no direction in sight. I looked in the mirror one day and decided I wanted to change that. I knew that I needed some help to make that happen so I swallowed my pride and reached out. Working with Tammy and Sheri  has taught me valuable skills and helped me redefine who I am.

Today, I am successful in my life and career and I am pursuing my dream, working a plan for my new venture – Glory Bound Farm! I decided to Go Beyond and I encourage you to do the same!

Vicki Bradbury
Vicki Bradbury Glory Bound Farm

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