5 Quick Tips For Growing A Side Gig

Are you thinking about starting a side gig? Here are a few quick tips to get you off on the right track.

1. Make sure you’re doing something you are really passionate about.

You already have a day job and probably one you’re not too excited about so why would you want to start another gig that you’re only lukewarm on? Your side gig is a chance to do something that lights you up. It’s a chance to get your feet wet and see if you can launch your passion into a full-time gig. So, choose wisely.

2. Give it time!

By this I mean two things – you’ll need to dedicate significant time to getting your gig up and running. You can’t plan to spend 5 hours a week on your side gig and expect it to take off and make you money or even provide satisfaction. Starting any kind of business takes time and effort. Know that up front and be willing to commit. Second, you need to give it time to work. You’re probably not going to have success over night. Don’t be discouraged by the amount of time it take for your audience to take notice and for you to reach your ideal clients. It’s a process, and it takes time.

3. Ask for help

This is probably new for you. So don’t try to figure it all out on your own. You will dramatically shorten the learning curve by asking for help. This help might come in the form of online research, coaching, mentors, or peer groups. There are people out there that are successfully doing what you want to do – or at least a version of it. Watch them, pay attention, seek out advice and follow it – when it feels right for you.

4. Let go of “How” until you know “Why”

Something is driving you to start up a side gig. If that drive is simply coming from a position of earning extra income you will have a difficult time motivating yourself to give it the time and attention needed. Instead spend the time upfront to understand and clarify why you want to do it and what the ultimate goal is. Having that clear vision will guide you. Even when the vision evolves and changes – and it will. You will still have a clear “why” or destination

5. Know your numbers.

Create a simple budget as you get started so that you’ll know what you’ll need to fund your gig. It is likely to cost more than you might think. You’ll also want to estimate a realist income for your first year. Depending on your business, it may take several months to actually create cash flow. Knowing this upfront will relieve your stress and expectation.

We’ve created this simple start-up checklist to help you identify what you’ll need to consider as you get started. You can download it for free here. Just tell us where you want us to send the checklist.

Business Start-Up Checklist