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Is it time to Go BEYOND?

Beyond what you thought was possible in your life?
Beyond the limitations you’ve set for yourself?
Beyond your current career?

Are you looking for the courage to finally create a life that feels like you? One that marries your passions and talents into a business you love? Or maybe you've already launched - but it's just not taking off the way you want it to.

Starting a business doesn’t need to be scary. Sure there is risk, and isn’t your freedom worth some risk?

I'm here to help you navigate the way.
Think of me as a GPS for your new life.


  • You get to love your work and make an income that affords you your ideal life.
  • You get to be free to live your ideal life; which means having control over your calendar and your finances.
  • You have valuable skills and experience; which when married to your passion, will be the basis for a business that will support your ideal life.
  • We can help women uncover their potential and passions and see what is possible and how they have the key to create their ideal life.
  • Age is irrelevant. You can do anything at any age as long as you take a step and become Brave.
  • Business can be uncomplicated. The simpler the business, the better.
  • You should invest in yourself. Take the time to explore what you really want and create your ideal life.
  • Community and networking exponentially expands the results one can get alone, so we believe in community and support.
  • Successful women get to mentor and help other women who are starting their journey.


When you work with me you will:

  •     Know how to create your ideal life through business.
  •     Know what steps you need to take.
  •     Know how to take them.
  •     Know how and who to get help and support from.



Way Beyond Ordinary is such a valuable resource for anyone with a message of change for our world! Sheri and I worked together to hone my message and structure my business. I couldn't have done it without her. Now I'm a regular on a major radio station and working on my own TV show!

Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones The Millionaire Medium

Sheri is a gem! She has wonderful insight that will take you from confused to clarity so that you can begin to do your best work. This was very helpful to me when trying to decide if I wanted to pursue a speaking career. Love her!

Paula Stephens
Paula Stephens The Paula Stephens & Crazy Good Grief

Sheri is a creative genius! She often knows exactly what I need for my business before I do. When I'm down, she lifts me up, and when I'm flying high, she pushes me even higher. I have had more success in the few months since I hired Sheri than I could have thought possible. She makes me a better speaker, writer and coach. I'm so glad I hired her, and I'm even happier to call her my friend.

Terri Fedonczak
Terri Fedonczak Girl Power Station

A few years ago I made some decisions that didn’t work well for me. I was literally living out of my car with no direction in sight. I looked in the mirror one day and decided I wanted to change that. I knew that I needed some help to make that happen so I swallowed my pride and reached out. Working with Tammy and Sheri  has taught me valuable skills and helped me redefine who I am.

Today, I am successful in my life and career and I am pursuing my dream, working a plan for my new venture – Glory Bound Farm! I decided to Go Beyond and I encourage you to do the same!

Vicki Bradbury
Vicki Bradbury Glory Bound Farm

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